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Crossfit 10/19/17


Crossfit 10/19/17

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10 Push Ups

10 Pull Ups

10 Ring Dips

5 Cal Row

10 Wall Balls (YCW)

Metcon (Weight)

Weighted Pull Ups (5 Rep) X 1 Min Max Db Floor Press
5 Rep weighted pull up immediately into 1 min max effort Db floor press.

Weighted pull ups

Chin must clearly pass above the bar for all reps with no assistance from the legs.

Db Floor Press

Just like a Db bench press only the floor. This will limit you range of motion, forcing more stability of the weight.

Score is load used for weighted pull ups.


Weighted Ring Rows (Using a plate on your chest)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5 x 5 x 5 Amraps (dubs,lung,t2b,)
5 MIn Amrap

50 Dubs

50′ Lunge

10 T2B

-3 Min Rest-

5 Min Amrap

40 Dubs

10 Squat Hops

50′ Burpee Broad Jump

10 T2B

-3 Min Rest-

5 Min Amrap

30 Dubs

50M Suicide Sprint

50′ Broad Jump

10 T2B


Single Under x 2

Toe To Rig


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